Finding My Inner Voice

I recently told Ezzy that the difference between me and him is that his insecure thoughts come in the form of a mouse and my insecure thoughts come in the form of twin hippos, which makes them much harder for me to push away. I blame the hippos for holding me back all these years when it came to speaking up about myself. I blame the hippos for every time I shied away from confrontation. I blame the hippos for every time I wanted to make a video of myself and then decided the world would be a better place without it.
It is time for me to say goodbye to the twin hippos. We’ve been together a long time twin hippos, you’ve been with me for mostly hard times. In those hard times you only made things worse for me. It’s time you both pick on someone your own size, it’s been terrible having you around. Enjoy your new swamp life.

With every goodbye, there’s a new beginning. Thank you Rosh Lowe for helping me start this new beginning and for teaching me the tools needed to create this video. This video is a way for me to start telling my story and who I am. I’ve never created the opportunity to talk about my passion for design and how I got into it – I think that’s really important to do. It’s important for me because I get to speak up and talk about my love for what I do and it’s important for you as the audience to get to know me a little better. I’m pretty sure you wont regret it.



4 thoughts on “Finding My Inner Voice

  1. Loved watching this video.
    Your designs are so refreshing and wholesome!
    Can you do a blog post on how to make sure you are layering but not cluttering??
    Every time I added items into my bedroom to enhance the design I felt like I just cluttered it with more stuff and ended up returning it all.

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