A Girl’s Dream Come True

I took this job on in the beginning of the summer, she was 11 and eager for a new room and I was 30 eager to feel young, just kidding, I needed the money, I’m joking, I’m a well rounded designer and took this job because I was excited to do something feminine, youthful and transitional. So I posted about the room and the concept when I first started and you can find that post here. Now I want to show you all the finished product of a project that I am so excited about and if I didn’t like the client so much, I would physically push them out of the room and take it over as my own. The process of creating a bedroom is fairly straight forward. I first meet with client, in this case I met with the 11 year old and her parents, we spoke about what doesn’t work for her anymore and what she would like to see in the room. I took measurements and notes like a good designer does and we were on our way. I came back to them two weeks later with three options for the room, each option offering the same concept in a different form. We spoke about what works, we chose items, then ordered the items. So once that’s done, we wait for things to come and then installation happens, first the floor then the lighting, then a built in closet and then the magical, amazing wallpaper went up and furniture came in.

Even with a project this exciting and beautiful there are times we need to redirect, the bed was originally supposed to go in between the swings, turns out, it fits but its a little tight on the sides, so we switched the bed for the chase. the bed came a little damaged (bummer) so I called company and they’re sending a replacement, in a month, another bummer. We need to coat the floors with a semi gloss finish because the raw & rustic wood floors are beautiful, but not amazing against her 11 year old feet. They’re still young and delicate.

This is what the room looks like walking in. The day bed anchors one side, while the chase anchors the other side. The mirror is a pocket door into the closet.


This is the room with the LED lights off, it’s less bright and has a very romantic feeling, the pendant also stands out more which I like.


Here’s a shot of the closet door open, another pendant is in there to create symmetry. The while panel on top of the opening is another LED light, which comes in handy on Shabbos, you can slide the door open & shut when you need light and when you don’t.


I love these swings so much! It’s so fun for her to have friends over now. The swings also help keep the room from feeling too mature.



I placed this ladder there to add some interest and another layer. My 11 year old client wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it though, so design wise great decision, practicality wise I should probably return it before they damage it.


Tell me, whats your favorite part of this room? Was it different to see a room from me that wasn’t more masculine or with something woven hanging on the wall? Let me know your thoughts, I’m open to all positive feedback and mildly open to neutral feedback. Thanks in advance.


2 thoughts on “A Girl’s Dream Come True

  1. Soooooo I want this room for ME pretty please

    Awesome design and super fun and feminine
    This little girl will grow up with style

    You’re amazing Chana..In many ways


    I’m looking to make an awesome playroom..That’s still a nice place for teens and adults to hang out in

    I’m thinking whites and modern with accents of something calming to the eye …


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