A Girl’s Dream

You all know I’ve been working on a big, big office space which is hopefully going to be done soon and then I can show you all that I do in fact work during the day. The good news, this office space I’m working on has a client and this client has a daughter. The good news isn’t that he has a daughter, because a lot of kids suck, the good news is that his daughter is turning 11 and wants a complete make over for her room.

It’s safe to say this room needs a makeover fast. There is so much pink it’s blinding to me, the flower decals, the heart shaped mirror the character bedding, zebra curtains, all of it needs an update. I came up with a floor plan and furniture plan for this bedroom.

Option A; Secret Garden

Option B; Soft & Feminine

Option C; Naturally Romantic

So I came up with three plans for the room, they’re all move in different directions but have the same under current style which is soft, nature inspired and laid back.

After meeting for the consultation, drawing up floor plans, coming up with furniture options & presenting them to the client ( the 11 year old ) we’re going with option A; Secret Garden. I love wicker and swings and sheepskin and murals and bamboo lights. When I took on this project, I was feeling a little hesitant to deliver a “girly” and transitional space. I don’t typically work with pastel colors and frills, but this turned out really pretty and I’m VERY excited to get started! I am feeling a lot of positive things right now.

Next up on the agenda- new flooring and built in closet- how much do we all love/ hate this 11 year old?


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