The Design Evaluation

Most people know what they like and definitely know what they don’t like but it’s hard for them to put it into words. A lot of the time when you ask someone to describe their style, they’ll say “Well.. I love the way blue looks with black but then I also really love how blue looks with white, it’s so calming. But I could totally see myself in a room full of pink. I don’t know, I like so many things….” You’re standing there asking yourself if you’re still having this conversation. Didn’t they know it was more of a rhetorical question, like when you ask someone how they’re doing or if they need help.
So I decided to put together a survey for you to answer that will help narrow down your style and make it a lot easier to stay clear of bad decisions while shopping for the perfect something for your home. Try to remember your answers so you know who you are at the end.

Your dream destination vacation would be:
a. anywhere with a gorgeous beach
b. penthouse in the big city
c. museum-filled trip to paris
d. boutique hotel in the mountains
e. motorcycling in london

Your favorite color palette is:
a. all neutrals with hints of color
b. black, white and patterns
c. burgundy, plum and navy
d. white, beige and a lot of wood
e. blue, green and gray

Your favorite home accessories are:
a. pillows, lots of pillows
b. art/fashion books and mirrors
c. one of a kind finds from vintage stores or flea markets
d. souvenirs from travels and family pictures
e. less is more with accessories

You’re hosting a dinner party, it would be:
a. intimate with candles and wine
b. in a restaurant with close friends
c. a bbq on the beach with guitar playing
d. time to bring out the china
e. take out food with tequilla shots

If you could be friends with one celebrity it would be:
a. Jennifer Aniston
b. Blake Lively
c. Zooey Deschanel
d. Julia Roberts
e. Cameron Diaz

Your walls are covered with:
a. black and white photographs
b. large art works
c. nature prints in vintage frames
d. beveled mirrors and portraits
e. windows and sunlight

Flowers found in your vase:
a. tulips
b. hydrangeas
c. babys breath
d. white roses
e. orchids

If you could only wear one color what would it be:
a. white
b. black
c. yellow
d. blue
e. grey

Mostly A’s:



Your home

You’re effortless chic. You are laid back and unpretentious. Your home is warm, inviting and feels lived in. You like using mainly neutrals and adding interest with different textures. The less you try the better. Think of yourself as a toned down, sober, healthy version of Kate Moss.

Mostly B’s:

Your home

You’re Edgy Glam. Your home is more severe with less frills and flowers and more chrome finishes. You like things to be clean lined with high impact. You’re the person who should be wearing spikes. (If you fall in another category and are wearing spikes, slowly remove them.)

Mostly C’s:

Your home

You’re Vintage Feminine. You like things to be low maintenance and feel free spirited. Your home is a collection of unique finds and soft touches. Anything vintage or retro is a friend to you. You like the girlie side of vintage rather than the quirky side.

Mostly D’s:

Your home

You’re Simple Elegance. Your home is full of souvenirs from around the world and memories of all your experiences. Your style is timeless and has a global feel. If you have a fear of new things, move along. You are not in this category.

 Mostly E’s:

Your home

You’re Sporty Minimal. Your home is light, spacious and uncluttered. You like the furniture to shine rather than the accessories. You’re adventurous, spontaneous and your home tells that story.

I hope you can all use this new knowledge wisely.
Let me know ‘who you are.’

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