How to create balance

Balance in a home is everything. I believe balance is the foundation and everything comes after that. Every object or furniture piece needs to have it’s moment. For example hanging a picture on the wall.  If you hang a picture too high the wall will feel “top heavy.” You don’t want to hang it too low because it will start to resemble a pear shape. You want it right in the middle, at eye level so you can comfortably experience the picture. Balance is a lot about symmetry but it’s also about knowing the sweet spot for things to shine.
I would say the fastest and most effective way to achieve balance would be to place an Olsen twin on either side of an object.

I really think I’m on to something here.

This is a pretty classic and traditional use of symmetry. It’s simple- place a lamp on either side of the console table. It’s the color combination of the black&white with the yellow that makes it interesting. Plus the fact that there’s a giant cockatoo leaning on the wall, whatever.

By placing every picture above the chair, it’s using repetition to create a sense of balance. The table on a slant adds a more casual feel.

An easy way for balance is placing two chairs facing each other. In this space, the chairs are a tan against all that gorgeous violet-blue. It wouldn’t work if there was only one chair, the balance comes from there being two.

What? You said more olsen twins? Sure I have more olsen for you.

“What do the Olsen twins have to do with balance in a room?” I’m still trying to push my idea of placing them in homes for balance. I know they have a lot on their plate, so I’m going to need some support to make this happen.


A chair on each side of the table anchors this vignette. The chandelier is in a good spot, if it were hanging from the middle it would feel typical. This feels unexpected and works withthe flowers in middle of the table.

Perfection. This feels so balanced because of all the symmetry. The mix of simple and 70’s really works and the harmony of the two make it feel so calming.

This is a beautiful, daring room. This is proof that mixing patterns work SO well when doneto the right scale. (I didn’t mean for the word ‘so’ to be that big, I just wanted a little emphasis. There was no shouting involved when writing this.) It also proves that balance is a must for a peaceful space. The pair of leopard stools with that drapery and photo hanging right in the middle is executed just right.

I hope you all have a well deserved well balanced weekend. I’m actually hoping to go out this weekend. I’m a little nervous because it’s been a while. Things have probably changed, like is it acceptable to do the robot on the dance floor?
Am I allowed to look excited to be out?
If I wear sunglasses inside the club and trip, will people still think I’m cool because I’m wearing sunglasses?
How much skin do I need to show, is a three quarter sleeve enough?
If I cover my mouth while I yawn will people still notice I’m yawning?
When people say ‘Geek chic,’ are they referring to sexy reading glasses or a sweatshirt with a unicorn? Because i have both…
Any thoughts or feedback would be great..

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