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It’s really important for a child to have their own space where they feel comfortable to spend their time. I’m starting to design my baby’s room (she’s just 10 months now but it’s never too early) and the process got me thinking about childrens’ rooms in general. You want to give them a space to imagine, read, play and relax. If we make them feel like they have their own space maybe they’ll spend less time in our space….. there’s always dreaming 🙂
So here are some tips to create a fun and functional room for the little ones:

TIP 1: Find Fun Ways to Display Their Art

This display looks clean, simple and sophisticated so it doesn’t need to be limited to the “kid zone.” It also allows for an easy way to add or take away pictures/art for a quick change up. This is definitely a better alternative to putting the art work on your fridge until it’s socially acceptable to slip it in the garbage.

A gallery wall of your kids art is also a perfect show case for their talents. It makes them feel special to know that their work is framed and hung up for all of “mommy and daddys” friends to see. It can motivate them to try harder the next time the teacher says “lets get out our paint brushes.”

This is really cute because it also incorporates the chalk board wall. I know it’s being done everywhere, but when something’s good it’s good.

This is a good option if you don’t want to commit to an entire wall of finger painting.Choose one or two pieces that you like and incorporate it with other things.

TIP 2: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Light

This is so cute and whimsical. It’s perfect for a kids room and they’re a good option if your child is afraid of the dark. You can find the lights at this uniquely funky website- fancy.

So these sweet lights are from Ikea. This is a really cute idea for a girls room or nursery. The wall mural of the tall grass adds a lot to the lights but they’re cute even without it.

So not only is this light cute, functional and completely adorable; it can also be used to keep your child company when you need some “mommy time.” It’s a win-win. Another treasure I found at fancy.

Awwww, how cute is this lamp? It’s by Jonathon Adler and you can find it over here. Every time I look at this lamp I tilt my head and say ‘aw.’ I really need to stop looking at this lamp because my neck is starting to hurt.

TIP 3: Make a Reading Nook

So this is probably in the ‘theatrical’ reading nook category so don’t be so quick to raise your expectations of reading nooks. This is a gorgeous little spot though for you and your children. I love those palm leaves, so cute.

This is more of a reading room. I love how it feels like a shabby chic library for little kids. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time reading in here? (Or playing interactive games onan ipad)

This is really cozy and really attainable for most rooms. Find a little corner or any floorspace, put some pillows down with a stack of books and tell your kids “it’s a reading nook. Just sit on the pillows and start reading….. open up the book and turn the pages. No it’s not an ipad, you’re going to need to use both your index finger and your thumb. I saw it on pinterest, please let this happen for me.”

TIP 4: Surround Them With Good Thoughts and Education

I love this idea. These are good words to live by for an adult and it’s perfect for a child to read that every day. Kids are so sensitive to their surroundings and what they’re told. This is a really good message.

If your child hates geography class, you should try this. They can get to know the world in a casual setting plus it looks great.

Good use of color and words. This is a more mature color word poster. I didn’t know what color indigo was til last year.

This is another great way to mix educational and stylish.

TIP 5: Let Their Imaginations Run Wild

This has got to be the coolest kids space in the world. I think this passes for the coolest space for adults. I love the walls of chalk, the striped carpet, the orange lounge chairs. This is a perfect space for the kids to be themselves and keep busy for hours (or minutes if we’re being realistic.)

So this is pretty awesome. This is something you can do with your daughter that you would both enjoy. Each cube is a different room… really fun.

This room is so vibrant. All the toys, the big scale pictures, bean bags. Children or babieswould have a really good time in this room.

This is really fun. You also don’t need a room for this just a doorway and who doesn’t love a good puppet show? (Don’t answer that question, not the point of the picture.)

So those are my tips, hope you enjoyed them. I would like to thank ‘you,’ whoever you are, for reading my blog. If you want maybe you can tell your friends about my blog or tweet it or pin it or like it. Totally up to you… your call, don’t want to make this awkward.

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