Two Boys & a Dream / Do Boys Have Dreams?

So I conquered the girls bedroom with graphic wallpaper and wicker swings, now we’re moving onto the two brothers of this 11 year old girl. The needs and desires for his room are slightly different than his sisters, he needs a place to work out, he needs a tv for his xbox/ play station and a place to do some homework. Style wise it’s more tricky for a younger boy, they’e not into anything besides sports or play station and I am not designing a room around a play station or a football player. So I need to be creative,  come on Chana. do what people pay you to do.

Boy’s Room One – Let’s call him Wild West
With his room, I’m going for something a little more western and I’m using that word to mean more adventurous and less rodeo. This is how I’m interpreting  western- more earthy, with a mix of neutrals and some bright colors – like blues and maybe orange (orange is not a color or word I use lightly) A lot of wood tones with light bedding.
I’m also very excited to be using this mural as a wallpaper I think it has so much impact. I also really love patterned wallpaper for certain spaces but right now I’m all about the murals.

OB-Dov Ber


Boys Room Two – Lets call him Beach Boy
This room is going to feel more coastal with lots of white washed finishes, less contrast, light bedding. To add interest, I’ll be incorporating a lot of textures. I’m also using a mural for this bedroom, which I’m very happy about. It’s going to add a lot of interest without taking up too much floor space. Boys need their floor space, for all their dirty socks.


The clients have been away for a little while, so the project has been put on hold. I’m going to share some progress videos. Stay tuned!






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