What is your towel doing for you

We all have them and use them daily. The good, the bad, the old, the new – when it comes to towels, we need & use them in abundance. In the past I have under estimated the power of a good absorbent towel, towels are all the same right?  No Chana, you’ve had it wrong this whole time (followed by 2 days of self hatred.)

Putting aside the practical side of a good towel for a moment, a good towel can really elevate a bathroom or bedroom space. I know in the past whenever I’ve hosted guests, giving them old towels I inherited from my husbands first apartment, took away from their enjoyment of simple every day pleasures – like taking a shower. And no as a result they didn’t have a shorter stay.

I recently got myself some new towels and I’ve been loving them. They’re big, luxurious and super absorbent. So throughout the week I just snapped a few pictures here and there to show how even in every day  messy living, a luxurious towel still pulls it off.

A picture of the towels on the my couch after bring used –


I forgot, I have two munchkins running around the house, so here’s the other towel draped somewhere he deemed logical –


We used the beach towels recently on a trip to the pool –


All towels shown are from @thetowelfactory, check them out if you haven’t already done so (live under a rock much?) I’m sorry, that was low.



Noam and myself approve this message


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