Nam Dang Mitchell

Nam Dang Mitchell – if you haven’t heard of her let me give you the run down. She’s this beautiful, awesome interior designer who kills every room she designs. Her rooms are strong, simple, modern and interesting. I gave her a shout out back in the day and the best part was that she actually responded to me (best day ever) you can check it out here or skip it and continue reading.


This is her lounging around in her studio uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, could she be any cooler? Maybe if George Clooney was in the shot and even then it’s debatable.



A living space she designed and then hung around to take pictures in, so now anyone who sits in that living space will forever feel unworthy and less of a person because of that. I know one of the many reasons you come and read my blog is for my upbeat and positive perspective. Don’t think it’s not appreciated.


A kitchen she recently finished (featured in House & home) I don’t need to describe this picture.


This entry way vignette is perfect. There’s varying heights and finishes to keep things alive. The reason I love it so much is because that console table is from Crate and Barrel and I used that console table in one of my projects 3 years ago. I chose the same console table as one of my favorite designers so we’re basically the same person so I basically just inherited all her success – go me.


You see? The same, we’re basically the same.


I’m going to end off with this picture because it perfectly sums up Nam Dang Mitchell and why I love her. Check her out here. And every time you get any happiness or inspiration from her work, reach out and thank me. Yes every time.

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