Let’s Interpret Style

It’s that time of the month again…. for those ladies who have more of a connection with that statement, I’m sorry and there’s no such thing as too much chocolate or alcohol or Bridget Jones. It’s time to interpret the style of cool people wherever I find them.

“Hello I’m the girl who looks like a cross between Megan Fox and Dakota Fannings younger sister, Elle Fanning.” She’s dark, mysterious and has a beautiful butterfly collection.

The woods in the space create warmth and grounding for all the light coming into the room. It’s simple and natural and sends the message that less is more. Any time a space sends that message it’s very alluring.

I love this color combination; white, grey and that tan. This would be good with gold or silver and it’s so easy.

This space is so sculptural and beautiful. There’s not a ton of color in this room, just neutrals and different finishes that add interest. Like the woman looking for her keys, this room has a very strong core. Those room dividers are out of this world. I dream of imitating them in my own home one day in the near future. I hope that doesn’t put too much pressure on my husband.

She’s wearing a beautiful, simple, slightly masculine outfit. This trench dress isn’t messing around, it’s a strong piece that doesn’t need anything else to speak for it. It has the perfect effortless drape.

This room makes a very strong impression. It’s very straight forward and to the point- much like a man. Like a man, this room doesn’t want to be drowned with throw pillows that have no purpose or poster prints that read “Keep Calm and Carry on”or framed pictures of people pouting to accentuate their cheekbones or the word “like.”

I like this little peek-a-boo outfit, it’s so cute and sporty. After having a baby I would never be able to pull this off, it would look like my stomach was sticking its tongue out at you. If you thought that joke was funny, you should start following my blog, you would love it!

This space is airy, unpretentious and happy. I love the greenery and the creams, it reallyopens everything up. This space is a good translation for the sporty girl above because it’s minimal with good statement pieces and no frills. Those floor lamps are awesome andthey’re from West Elm.

Is she sad because she’s lost in a field? Is she sad because her bangs are in her eyes? Maybe she’s just bummed about the Office being over after nine great years…

The canopy bed would be a good transition for her coming in from the outside. I love the rustic wood beams with the linen fabric hanging down. It’s soft, feminine and organic. I don’t think she can be unhappy in this bedroom.

I love her, I don’t know her but I love her. Her jacket is killer and paired with the tank top and leggings is so chic. The whole look tells me she is not easy going when the person working at starbucks puts sugar in her coffee. This is where she will end up at the end of her long day of coffee and music.

This room is by David Hicks, a truly great designer. This room is sophisticated not intimidating and feels low-key. The woman above needs a space to feel easy, she doesn’t look like the type who can be busy with details or able to lift heavy objects. The abstract artis a big impact but it doesn’t feel stiff. I love the color scheme and textures of this room. David Hicks people, look him up.


She’s cool, edgy, a little traditional and youthful. The Alexander Wang bag tells me she has a true understanding of style and rocks it. I know that because I actually have someone very close to me in my life who has an Alex Wang bag and she is the coolest person I know.(If you’re reading this you know who you are, you keep on rockin on 😉 I’m going to get a phone call from my mother telling me “I don’t have a Alexander Wang bag, it’s LouisVuitton.” It’s going to be tough bursting that bubble.

This area has a really good mix. There are strong pieces like the mirrored table and lamp that say ‘chic and fresh’ and then there’s pieces that say the same thing the plaid skirt says:’fearless of traditional (irish influenced prints).’ We see that with the rug and rustic patio chair. Overall this space is a mix of trendy and traditional which is the best kind of mix. Check out that awesome magazine rack under the desk.


How ruggedly awesome is she? Her hair is perfectly messy with that scarf. The loose tee with the light layering makes it look like there was absolutely no time spent getting ready on her behalf. What I like about her is that she also feels a little boho which is always nice.

This space feels boho, comfortable and loungy. The area rug is soft enough for people to sit on and relax. Nothing in this space needs to be touched up, the pillows and couch are soft and casual. I love those light installations, they’re so vintage. The beads in the background remind me of my childhood. I used to have those in my bedroom and then Igot rid of them because they are probably the most inconvenient way to enter into a room ever.

On that note, I wish you all a good weekend 🙂

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