Thrift Shop

“I’m gonna pop some tags; Only got twenty dollars in my pocket” (awesome song)

Lincoln Road every other Sunday is a vintage dream. It’s full of furniture pieces and artwith tons of character and potential. I needed to be there at 9am because it was the last show til October so naturally I woke up at 630 so I can have my three 16 ounce cups of coffee. I had really high hopes for the day that were later crushed by my crying baby who thinks throwing cheerios in my eyes is the same as just telling me no.

So let’s start with wholesalers, Micheal and Judy. They have an awesome collection of vintage furniture, “Strictly Modern Gallery,” and I always find something (except this time.)

Those red chairs were $350 for both, yes you heard right, for both.

Look at that beautiful bad ass leather rocking chair. The crystal lamp behind the chair was$300.

I wanted this vignette for my home, but I would have to add literal space to my apartment to find a place for that. The upholstery was freshly done by the dealers, love it.

I love this bookshelf so much. I convinced myself it would be perfect for books and bought it, then later returned it because the seller specifically told me the glass shelves can’t hold more than 10 pounds and books would kill these shelves anyway. I want to give a shout out to my husband, thank you for your constant support in favor of not buying this bookshelf. And by constant support I mean literally constantly telling me “Chana you should not buy that.”

The seller of this bookshelf is Tony of Acme Mantiques. He is a really nice guy who can pretty much do anything to wood for anyone asking.

This lamp is also from Acme Mantiques and is so much better in person. It’s so graphic, big and beautiful.

When you’re thrift shopping there are treasures and then there are things like this:

It will never matter how cheap you got this stone dragon/gargoyle piece, it will always be a bad purchase and one you should deeply regret.

You think this would be too much for a candy jar?


While I find these two pictures intriguing I knew they were a cue for me to start heading home.

I think this fish that’s attached to a wooden board was targeted for really eccentric Jewswho are looking for a centerpiece on Rosh Hashana- and that’s a stretch.

Pre-owned trolls….. It might seem cute and nostalgic at first but the reality will set in and you’ll be left with a troll.


I like this water painting a lot. It’s mysterious and soft and exotic, I would love this in a den. The framing is nice too.

Large ceramic grapes are one of the coolest and most flexible decorative objects you can ask for. They can be placed or draped on almost anything and they always look good.

Are these dressers amazing? Yes they most certainly are. I wanted these dressers for myselfbut unfortunately I already purchased two dressers from IKEA. It was a lucky day for someone else (bastard.)

Happy thrifting. I hope you were able to walk away with some knowledge from my many, many tips.

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