New Year New You

The new year is a time to reflect on the past year and think about what we could have done better and what we can improve on in the new year. It’s a time full of hope and possibilities; that will probably turn into disappointment because the year changed but it didn’t change who we are. So I put together a list of tips that you can use at home. Where to invest, how to create a mood and what to embrace. Be prepared for a resourceful, information packed, blow your mind type of post. If you would like to take a quick snooze before you start, I advise that you do.

TIP ONE: Invest In A Good Sofa
A great sofa does so much for a home. It invites people to sit and relax. It connects people together. It’s a place to bond after a long day, watch a movie or tv. It’s something we use all the time in the home and is totally worth the investment.

This is s space designed by Nate Berkus (his collection for Target was the worst thing for me. My husband has officially banned me from that store. I have never found more reason to go buy febreze and bananas) The sofa is a tuxedo sofa designed by Milo Baughman. It’s classic in form, comfortable because of the depth so so stylish. I love a good tuxedo.

Here’s a leather tuxedo, a little more traditional and masculine.

The sectional… hold on one second I just dropped dead. The sectional is a perfect piece for a living room. There’s enough seating for family and guests so you don’t need to pretend to be comfortable sitting on the floor. “Sit on the couch, I love sitting on the floor. I choose the floor over the couch even when you’re not here.” It’s inviting and so versatile.

So this is a combination of my two favorite things, sectionals and velvet. Love it! (I said thatin a really high pitched voice) This space is designed by Jessica Helgerson.

Yea, this is is the mamma bear of sectional sofas and I need her lovin.

TIP TWO: Dress Up Your Walls
Choosing a piece of art or photograph for your home can be very overwhelming. You’re saying “This piece completely represents me and my style,” and that can seem like a bigcommitment. What you need to keep in mind is that it’s not permanent, if you don’t like it after one week you can always take it down and change it for something else. Once you start playing around, you’ll find what you’re looking for. The hard part is always starting.

This gallery wall is really simple and striking. I love the abstract figures and the creativity behind it. Gorgeous.

This canvas relays the message very well.

I love a gallery wall that incorporates objects as well. It feels so lived in and personal. The big black and white picture gives a great vintage vibe.

TIP THREE: Make Time to Sit And Eat
Everyone always seems to be so busy. Whether we’re doing something or not, we’re talking about it or taking a picture of it. It’s nice to incorporate a time to sit, eat and talk. Even if it’s once a week, just sit down and listen to all the complaints from your family.

Speaking of vintage vibes, this seating nook really does that with the small framed black and whites. I love the retro feel. The rounded leather bench is a perfect choice forinteraction.

Gorgeous color combination… I absolutely love it. The woods, golds and deep purple is killer together. I would talk and eat here all day, (more eating than talking but who’s keeping track?)

This is great for large families because of the ample amount of seating. This is the type of area that is constantly in use. There’s so much warmth here, I love it.

Sitting down with family or friends and talking face to face instead of screen to screen issomething we should all take on this new year. Ten minutes go by and I’ve already “liked”something on facebook and instagram. Sometimes I’m even “liking” pictures I’ve put up myself. (Insert embarrassed emoticon here.)

TIP FOUR: First Impressions Count
This year pay more attention to your entry way, even if it’s a wall. Take advantage and create an area for a drop zone and something personal. These are the moments that stick with people and make your house your home.

This is the entry way in designer Angie Hranowskys home. There’s not a lot going on but when walking in the person feels so much. The beautiful large scale photo of the shell, the marble wall and the geometric wall divider. Angie is sending a message through shapes and forms. And the message is “my home is better than your home, deal with it.”

This is an entrance vignette done by Daniel Romualdez. I love the glamorous attitude it has. It is simple and just pure design.

How awesome is this?  I would use profanity now but my mother is my only follower and I’m too vulnerable to lose her right now. I feel so adventurous just looking at this entry way, imagine walking through it. It’s rustic, abstract, bold and perfect. This is the entry way of Trina Turks’ home.

TIP FIVE: Embrace Leather
Leather edges up any room and makes it look cooler. It gives you the freedom to mix patterns and eras and helps keep a space gender neutral.

So there’s a lot of leather here but it’s an example of different ways to use leather: poufs and armchairs. A great thing about leather poufs is that they’re indestructible. There’s no amount of wine, water, dirt or kicking around that can harm it.

Hides are really useful tools for adding grittiness to a room. This room already feels light and airy; imagine it without the grounding of the hide. Anyone can add a hide to a room;it’s the easiest and cheapest way to start.

Look what the hide does for this room. Designers like Kelly Wearstler and Miles Redd haven’t decorated a space without leather, it’s the secret weapon for a cool space. Remember that a little goes a long way.

This is another masterpiece done by Daniel Romualdez (crush of the moment). Do you seewhat the leather chairs do for the space? It adds so much edginess.

TIP SIX: Black Is The New Black
I don’t believe it went anywhere, but for those of you who thought color is all the rage, it’s time to let black into your life.

This is a girl who is embracing black and rocking it.

What’s better than two gorgeous girls together? Two gorgeous girls together wearing black. (You saw that one coming)


A black backdrop for a gallery wall is so striking. From the picture above you can see it really elevates the room. (Btw notice the hide on the floor…works every time.)

Another black backdrop. Take my advice, choose a wall to paint black now so in a month when your neighbors start doing it, you can smirk and nod your head at them, all condescending.

Working black with boho is so cool. Kate Moss is doing it here and so can you. Just buy yourself a wool hat from Zara and pair it with anything black.

I hope you enjoyed the tips. Watch out 2013, I’m going to kick your ass! If 2013 knows anything, it’s not threatened by me. It knows it’s in for a year of sweatpants, ice cream, mood swings, anxiety about bed bugs, fear of new things, fear of old things, Fox’s NewGirl, (I’m not getting anything for that shout out. I still don’t have consistent followers) fear of having conversations with acquaintances and a lot of “I can’t go out tonight, I have nothing to wear.”

Here’s to a brighter, bigger, better, year. 

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