5 Reasons to Love Kelly Wearstler

Everyone knows who I’m talking about. If you don’t, it’s time to step out from under the rock you’ve been living and start to see the light. Kelly Wearstler is an interior designer turned designer, with her own ready-to-wear collection. She’s collaborated with The Rug Company and Bergdorf Goodman and Lee Jofa and is soon to launch a signature line of wallpaper and trims with the brand. She has published four books based on her talents and inspirations: Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style, Domicilium Decoratus, and Rhapsody. She has been very busy. So now that we’re all intimidated and full of self hatred, let’s begin.

Reason One: She Knows How To Mix
Kelly has an unmistakable style with every space having a sense of adventure. She mixes furniture pieces from different periods, with different stones and woods. Kelly layers pattern over pattern like a master.


There’s the floor, the console and then the walls. It all 100 percent works. Genius.


How does she layer three completely different patterns and textures and make them each shine without outshining each other? Maybe if I knew I would be able to land myself a job, just a thought.

We get it Kelly, you’re so beautiful and so talented. Let’s keep moving.

Reason Two: She Has Conquered It All
Kelly has worked with the Rug Company to design her own line of 8 rugs which are all more gorgeous than the next.


Her line of fabrics with Lee Jofa; UH-MAZING.

Her boutique in Bergdorf Goodman.

Reason Three: She’s Designed The Best Hotels
The Avalon in Beverly Hills and the Viceroy Hotels and Resorts set the bar for hip, glamorous and modern hotels. Kelly mixes roman heads with shag rugs with vintage Italian style pieces.


The Avalon in Beverly Hills. I would be the person leaving with a chair literally falling out of my hand luggage. “What, this? That’s my turquoise leather chair. You didn’t see me come in with it? I’m pretty sure I came in with this chair.”


A room in the Viceroy Hotel, Miami.


Imagine checking in next to that half head. My husband would not be able to take his hands off that thing and as a result would be asked to leave. That wouldn’t be surprising after I tried sneaking out with a chair in my bag. Obviously my husband and I are very classy people.
Reason Four: She Has an Incredible Collection
If her interiors make you want to come back to earth again as Kelly Wearstler herself, then her collection will only do you more harm.



Her collection does such a great job bringing her aesthetic from interiors to the ready-to-wear. Even her manikins have attitude, almost as much as I do before my first coffee.

Reason Five: She Creates Amazing Residences
Obviously anyone would live in any one of the homes Kelly has designed. They are so outrageously over the top without actually being too much; an ability Kelly has mastered. I would even be happy to live outside on the corner of these homes, anyone with me on that?




This is a home she did in Malibu. I love how the space feels appropriate for being on the coast and not being “coastal.”

Could this foyer be any better?

This is a home in Bel-Air.


After writing this post am I hoping Kelly (people who work for Kelly) reads this post and falls in love with me and so begins our journey together, don’t judge me.
All of the pictures can be found on Kelly’s blog: myvibemylife.com

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