Interpreting Style

There was a time when back in the year 2012 when I wrote a series called Interpreting Style.
I would find images of stylish women/ bloggers on Pinterest and pair them up with an interior space that suited them. Then I did a write up about why I thought the outfit and interior paired well together and patiently wait for you, the audience, to totally agree with me. So I’m bringing it back for this summer edition because no one asked for it and I’m here for the people.

What does it mean to interpret style? A person’s style is a big indicator of what they like and can help twll the story of who they are. If I came across someone wearing sandals, a kaftan, an over the shoulder belt bag and an array of hold accessories – I would interpret their style as being laid back, trendy and overall easy going. A person’s style is a great opportunity for expression ans creativity.

It’s not as easy to express ourselves through our interiors because it’s a much larger scale and takes a lotore investment. But there is a way to inject more of our style and ourselves into the spaces we inhabit without losing our marbles over the depth of a living room sofa.

When interpretting style, it’s important to remember that it’s not a literal thing. When seeing someone’s style, I like to take a guess at what their space would look like based on the ‘vibe’ they’re putting out there. If someone is wearing a metallic t-shirt, it doesnt mean they lick street lights and listen loud music. It usually means they like to make a statement and can carry some edge. So like everything in life, it’s nuanced.

I decided to use 3 pictures of iconic women in the 90’s to add a nice hefty dose of nostalgia into our lives. This period of time and style really pulls at my heart strings, so this is my tribute to my vintage blog posts and to the women whose style has always inspired me.

Let’s start with Julia Roberts. This style is minimal and masculine without being severe. The color scheme is neutral, sharp and classic. This look does a great job at balancing the timeless and the masculine without losing any softness. I created this vignette inspired by her. It’s simple in form and color but there’s still a strong statement. The side table is a great mix of form and simplicity. The black floor vase is minimal and the round edges take away severity. The mirror helps to keep things expansive, which is another element Julia Roberts brings to her style.

Princess Diana emulates all things style so I really could have used every picture ever taken of her but I chose this one because of it’s fragility. There’s a flowing gown, there’s a shade of pink, there’s pearls – it’s all so feminine. I created a vignette inspried by her outfit using soft movement and pink shades shown in the framed picture. I brought in two side tables, differing in shape, color and height, to add interest to this vignette. These objects don’t take away from the over all look. The side table adds a refal element with the fluted base and the side stool brings jn a sophistication with it’s height and slimness. The nude vase and flowers add dimension and softness. The olive tree brings in this beautiful form that feels feminine and powerful, which is one and the same. Am I right ladies ? #girlpower

Sarah Jessica Parker here is so grounded with a cool bohemian vibe. I grouned her space with actual roots and trees. Her outfit has natural textures with the fringes and the suede leather so the space created for her has alot of textured elements. We have the gray and cream planters that contrast each other beautifully. The brown area rug feels both ‘lived in’ and cozy. The vignette created for her is inviting and boho while still holding some structure.

We can do the same for ourselves as well. We can ‘put’ ourselves into an interior based on how we dress and what we pull together. But I think even more than that, we all have the ability to emulate any style that inspires us. We’re all more than one thing, more than one style, more than one space. We’re all human with many sides and stories. Here’s to humanity.

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