Lessons From Motherhood

1. Always remember the role of motherhood is the greatest blessing.

2. Your children’s behaviors are not who they are. Don’t personalize it. They are good and whole people no matter what.

3. If you’re going to choose to do one thing, floss their teeth every night.

4. Keep telling them you love them.

5. Keep telling them they can do it.

6. Keep telling them to put their clothes in the hamper.

7. Teach them that their grandparents still matter.

8. Teach them that they matter.

9. Limit their screen time.

10. Don’t tell people you limit their screen time.

11. Give them a journal to write in.

12. Read their journal at night while they’re sleeping.

13. Look into their eyes when they’re talking to you.

14. And then tell them no as often as possible.

14. Hold their hand whenever you get the chance.

15. Make sure to listen to their small feet running around the house.

16. Let them sleep in your bed when they’re scared.

17. Embrace them for exactly who they are.

18. Who they are is going to be different than who you want them to be.

19. Don’t let your expectations blur your ability to see them. Trust them.

20. Always remmeber that you’re doing a tremendous job. I believe in you.

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