My Flinstone Inspired Bedroom

Welcome to my process

Ezzy and I moved into our house almost 6 years ago (wow) and when we first moved in, I painted the master bedroom Birchwood by Benjamin Moore. It’s a beautiful brown color with hints of taupe so it never feels too heavy. I based the design of the bedroom on the color and had brown linen bedding, dark wood mirror and wood bight stand. The room felt enveloping and monochromatic. I loved it.

This past summer we took on the task of creating a small bedroom for our 2 year old daughter Rachelle. We tried having her in the same room as her older sister but her excitement wouldn’t allow for any quiet or sleep.

So we devised a plan to convert our walk in closet into a bedroom (some still call it a closet, personally I’m not opposed to my daughter having similarities to Harry Potter.)

Once we created a plan for the closet, I started looking for a new design direction for our bedroom. That’s where the Flintstones come in. I was very drawn to the uneven finishes and textures. I wanted to  bring in more natural elements and create a tonal color scheme. I started with a lime wash paint for a more imperfect finish, which I love and have used in many other rooms of my home. We purchased IKEA beds, the MALM model, for something very simple. The color is light wood so you can see the movement of wood grains. I switched out the brown linen for white linen bedding that also adds to the texture of the room. Once the base layer of the room was complete, I brought in some color through the rugs and a small gallery wall. The pictures I chose were all based in nature and I added beads because there’s no Flinstones without some rocks and there’s no gallery wall designed by me without some beads. The floor lamp was the closest thing I could get to an elephants trunk so I grabbed it when I had the chance.

We used the IKEA PAX system for our wardrobe. I am very thankful to Hahsem for Ezzy because he took care of most if not al the customization of the closet. I would lay on the couch due to over stimulation and he finalized where every shelf and light sensor would be placed.

He’s not available for hire because he has another job.

Once the wardrobe was finished, we had a company come in and install floor to ceiling drapery instead of doors for the easy access to clothing and it adds a little luxury to the bedroom.

For me one of the most important factors when creating a space is to create something that feels both beautiful and comfortable. I like a room to feel lived in and tell the story of the people living in it. When a space can tell a story, the space gives itself some soul and every room needs a little soul to make it special.

Thank you for joining me in the process of creating a wardrobe in the master bedroom so our closet could become an empty closet that our daughter now sleeps in. You don’t have to say anything,  I already know, #momgoals


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