Fitting Elin Kling in your Home

I’ve been seeing Elin Kling everywhere. She’s a Swedish model turned fashion blogger and she recently launched a collection for GUESS by Marciano in New York. She is always killing it with what she wears. She’s gorgeous and super trendy so I thought it would be fun to match interiors to her outfits. She’s all about the outfits and I’m all about the rooms.
So here’s her by her launch party from last Thursday:

This get up is classic & really fresh. The look is tailored but feels effortless and easy going. She let the silhouette speak for itself and decided against accessories which I agree with. Elin would fit beautifully in this dining area:

This space has classic and iconic pieces with the Saarinen tulip table, tulip stools and chair. The mirror on the wall is more traditional but the space feels really effortless and laid back. The mismatched chairs make it inviting and nonjudgmental. The light fixture does the same to this space as the chevron pattern does to Elins jacket which is add the perfect amount of edge to something classic.

Elin looks like a groupie who lost her gang and ended up in the middle of the desert- and I LOVE it. I love the cut off shorts and her hat. She completely embodies a free spirit. If she ever finds her way home, this is probably where she would end up:

This space is really open and a big contributor to that is the floor to ceiling windows. Contrary to what it looks like outside (freezing cold) the living room has so much warmth to it. The coffee table and chair feel really natural and the throw adds some animal instinct. The space is minimal and feels free just like lost Elin in the desert.

If you cut her hair, switch the heels for high tops she would be Justin Bieber. I think this isawesome. I love how she turned boyish into chic, it totally suits her. She would sleep perfectly in this room:

The bed is low, easy to roll in and out off and with a life as busy as Elins that’s important. The chair and storage/side table are school boy all the way. The large prints on the wall are hanging from paper clips instead of in frames which add to the boyish charm. It’s simple and essential.

This outfit rocks. If I didn’t know better I would think Elin is about to walk down the aisle towards Lenny Kravitz. Usually this color combination of cream and white feels feminine and delicate but she really mixed it up. She would look great sitting over here:

The black and white prints are all abstract and mysterious leaning towards the rock and roll aspect. The light fixture is not too big but the shape gives it interest and roughens things up slightly like Elins top.



This is gooood. She looks laid back and relaxed. The boots and bag are a little bohemian, the aviators pick up some vintage while the white tee and jeans are the classics. It’s a really good mix, all these little touches add up to one too cool for school moment on a brownstone step. She would look just as good sitting in one of these chairs:


This space is a gorgeous in my dreams kind of mix. The cowhide is a perfect contrast to the mirrored coffee table. The patent black and white chairs are a touch of glamor without being in your face. Those platner chairs are staple pieces and the nude upholstery adds to the simplicity of them. The pillows play well into the bohemian side of things and it feels too cool for school as well.

I don’t know a lot people who look this good when they’re confused but I’m not complaining. That black knit falls perfectly with the right amount of slouch. And who needs a hair elastic when you can just hold your hair up like that in the wind? This kitchen & dining area would be a perfect backdrop:


I’m usually not a big fan of red, in any hue or tone but this burgundy is breathtaking. The light washed woods and whites are a cool compliment to the deep burgundy and black. This dining area feels light and also mysterious.


This is a new version of Olivia Newton John in Greese. This look is confident and cool and because it’s monochromatic in black it’s very strong. The shape of the leather jacket compliments that strength & gives it a little softness. This vignette would be perfect for her:


The black and gold combination is always amazing. The painting in the background is a great way to offset the straight lines of the bag and lamp. Olivia had John Travolta next to her bed but this will have to do for the side of Elins bed…


I don’t know what she was in middle of doing but she really doesn’t need to finish it because she looks great like this. I love the black with white high tops.
She looks like she’s channeling a Matrix vibe. It feels a little futuristic like this nook:

I know I just said ‘futuristic’ and then showed a picture with Cherner table and chairs, but it works. The legs of the table and chairs are so simply tapered they look like they’re floating. The chandelier and the shelved photo frames feel modern and forward thinking. This space belongs to Elin when she wears that black draped trench coat. They both took pieces from the past and brought them to the future.

Over all I think Elin would probably fit in almost any interior, but I’m confident I chose right 🙂 What do you think..
Btw all the pictures of Elin can be found on her blog. Click here.

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