The 90’s

Being 25 years old, the 90s is a decade I relate to a lot and I’m feeling nostalgic so I’m going to share that with you. The style back then resonated a lot with me. I liked the simplicity of it all. A lot of denim and black, a lot of menswear for the ladies and a lot of emphasis on comfort.
My mother was a big part of shaping what i call my style today. This is how I remember my mother when I was growing up:

She always wore round sunglasses and for a while wore a beret like the one above. She wore a lot of black jackets paired with floral maxi skirts. I remember watching her walk around hoping one day I would be as beautiful and popular as her.
My mother was and still is a beautiful stylish amazing woman. ( i love you ma.)

Another thing i was exposed to growing up was beautiful ladies:

Who didn’t know these gorgeous ladies. They ruled the fashion magazines. Nothing was cooler than ripped jeans and a plain white tee.

Except for cut off jeans and a black undershirt.

I was completely enamored by these two girls, I spent my childhood, adolescent and some of my adult life collecting pictures books movies and clothing of these billionaires. After I saw this movie I only wore my baseball cap backwards.

This is where I would go most weekends. Now if I want to watch a movie all I need to do is lift my index finger and tap a button. Sometimes I barely manage that.

The Jetsons.. this cartoon was set in the future. It’s been 20 years and I’m still waiting for my bubble car and cool white hair-do.

So who remembers this sound:

That was internet before DSL.

Text messaging in the 90’s.

Interiors were kind of a mix of traditional and casual. The forms of furniture pieces were much more feminine.

A picture of the apartment from ‘Mad About You’.
Using wicker indoors was very trendy then, wicker usually being something you put outside. A lot of natural colors were also used, browns and beige.

For those of you who recognize this landing it’s from the movie ‘Home Alone’. I practically grew up on that movie. Most homes in the 90s looked something like this, a lot of strong ‘feature’ colors and all that wallpaper. Everyone had wallpaper, I do wish more people would use wallpaper now.

This armchair reminds me a lot of my childhood; skirted, cushioned couches were everywhere which added to the comfort and femininity of the style then. Our obsession with the modern form hadn’t developed so strongly yet. This is actually a shot from the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ I’m starting to get this strange feeling that I should stop writing this happy, nostalgic post about the 90’s and call a therapist because it turns out I watched way too many movies back then!

Why I needed to own a bunch of these trolls is beyond me.

I’m the only girl in my family with six brothers. There was definitely the good to that, I got whatever I wanted and never had to share. But there was also the bad. I had to spend my childhood taking  undeserved abuse. This is a picture from my baby album:


Yes, the 90’s were a special time. Good moments.

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