How To Get That Look

So you flip through a magazine and see tons of pictures of rooms you love. So you fold the tip of the page in hopes of someday creating something just as special in your own home. Two years later that page is still folded and your hopes have some what lessened. How do we translate those beautiful rooms into our every day lives so we can really enjoy it? “That’s a good question Chana, I’m glad you asked. I thought this was going to be just another post of gorgeous rooms and George Clooney…”
Look who is full of surprises…
When trying to recreate something you’re inspired by, the key is not to get stuck on the individual pieces but the feelings of the space and aim for something similar.
So let’s start with this area:

This is a dining room that feels earthy and light with a little touch of tribal edge. Let’s get the look:

This is earthy, natural with some tribal punch. The woods I used here are darker than the woods in the picture above, but the feel for the room is the same. The dining table is fromCB2, the cowhide is from IKEA and so is that plant. The black and white print is from Crate&Barrel. Once you know the feeling you’re looking for, it’s much easier to find piecesat affordable prices and put them together. When first looking at the first picture, it may seem unattainable, but it’s not. Recognize the vibe of the space, and slowly build up with pieces that are in your price range.



This is a bohemian minimalist look taken from Vogue. The chairs aren’t matching, the flowers and vases are different shapes and textures. It feels bohemian because every piece looks like it was collected and thought about over time. Although the room feels free spirited, it’s not all over the place. Let’s get the look:

So this is the bohemian, clean look. The space needed to feel collected and eccentric but with simple lines. I added the black curtains for the warmth and the depth. The console and red chair are from West Elm, the lamp and dining table are from IKEA. Does this feel bohemian minimal to you? (Please feel free to leave comments at the end.)

Almost everyone I speak to can use a small work space in their apartments/homes. A space for the computer, laptop, mail and other gadgets. It’s not hard to make it look stylish either, let’s get the look:

The table is from IKEA and the chair is from Overstock, you’d be surprised at the stylish affordable things you can find there. The wall accessories are CB2. This look has the cozy, intimate feeling that we liked from the picture above but has a little more “downtown” to it which I think works. If you want to stick to the airier version, you can just switch out the black cowhide, that will change everything:

You see? It changes everything….

This vignette is a beautiful example of the ‘Palm Springs retro’ thing. It’s basically the same as mid century but with a lot more cactus and desert. I love the shaggy rug, the funky shaped chair and iron base table. Everything works well together and doesn’t feel exaggerated. Let’s get the look:

Welcome to Palm Springs baby. I’ll admit if I would of put a picture of palm trees or lots of sand it would be more convincing but I wanted to focus on the furniture choices. The rug is from IKEA, console and lamp, West Elm. I like this interpretation because it feels authentic and clean. Sticking to a neutral color palette was key, how does this feel to you?
You can leave your comments at the bottom. My posts are not generating a ton of comments so I’m trying to be encouraging.

Designers and George Clooney, Naturally

There are designers that I like, there are designers I don’t mind and then there are designers that I LOVE. I want to share those designers with you so you can be a better person with a fuller life because that’s what design does for a person. 🙂  There are actors that I don’t mind, will tolerate or that I LOVE. One of those actors is George Clooney. I’m fluttering my eyelashes, can you tell? So with every designer I love, there’s an angle of George Clooney that I love, and today I will be sharing all those designers and angles with you.
You’re welcome..

Designers- John Rawlins & Athena Calderone
These two designers created what we know today as Rawlins Calderone Design. With Johns past experience of working for Tucci and Athenas knowledge from NYs Parsons,these two are sooo good. I love the grittiness of it all and I love how youthful all their work feels.


Love all the cool tones, feels so masculine and sexy.

This is a duplex penthouse in NYC. It has an awesome vibe, it’s sophisticated and laid back. The colors are muted but still really strong and it reminds me of this George:

This is a rugged, laid back George. This was the time George and I were sharing a laugh.

Designer- Robert Stilin
Robert Stilin has built a reputation for himself as a versatile designer with beautifully classic work. The baseline of his work is always sturdy, well made neutral pieces with layers of modern shapes. I think the reason I love him most is because everything he does feels easy and comfortable which ultimately what you want for your home.

The light fixture on top of the table and chairs…. take a minute.

Even though there’s a sculpture made of wire, this seating arrangement still feels classic.

Great vignette, it’s simple and to the point.

Like Robert Stilin, George has this classic american style that is always current, never stale.It’s just too good.

Designer- Steven Volpe
Steven Volpe Designs has a unique way of creating spaces that feel lived in and thought out. His style is spacious and modern with perfect craftsmanship. His spaces also always feel airy and light and I love that. I also appreciate how he doesn’t shy away from being grand and luxurious.

How good is this? Every color and shape compliment each other.

This is so sleek and severe- perfect.

Meet sleek George Clooney. This was the first time he and I met eyes. His eyes were saying “Where have you been all my life..” My eyes were answering, “On a couch, watching all your movies, eating ice cream.”

Designer- Waldo Fernandez
Waldo studied architecture and design at UCLA which was followed by a job as a set designer.  (that’s a really good turn of events) With a showroom he started in 1974 and a celebrity client list, it’s impossible to look away from his work. For me a big pull towards his work is his mix of colors and patterns. He really inspires me.

A curved brown sectional couch at its best.



This room is bright and grounded. I love the rug which was an amazing choice. This room is humble but grabs all of your attention.

This George grabs all of your attention. This is a good choice for George when I finally introduce him to all my friends and family. It’s a big step, don’t want to rush into anything.

Designer- Nate Berkus
Nate’s style is sophisticated without being intimidating. I love how he puts things together. I fell in love with his work because it has a 70’s retro feel to it which is my favorite.

Even those beige shoes look good.



How perfect are these?? Theyre perfection but still feel approachable and humble. Like him:

George, don’t look at me like that… I’m just not ready for you to meet my family, relax. (Do you believe this guy?)

Designers- Daniel Suduca & Thierry Merillou
These two paired up and create amazingly interesting galleries of their collections and that’s what I love about them.


I have no words, I absolutely love this space. It really makes my heart stop, I may need a doctor.

Yes, he seems more than qualified. I feel better now, let’s run away together.

P.S. To my husband, I am very happy with you and am madly in love with you.
P.S.S. I didn’t make supper tonight, I was caught up writing this post.
P.S.S.S. Don’t look at the credit card bill for a little while….
Love you, mean it.