The Perfect Gift Guide

It’s the first week of December, time to start purchasing or start thinking about purchasing gifts for all the people in your life. It really does pay off to have little or no people in you life this time of year. It’s always hard to find the perfect something for a friend, husband, nieces and nephews, and because I have some time on my hands (an abundance of it) I decided to help you out with my own personalized gift guide.

For The Hard To Please

This mug is kind of perfect for the person who thinks nothing and no one is good enough. Find it over here.

There’s no one these shoes can’t please. When I look at this pair of gorgeous shoes I start playing the song “Ow I feel good….” in my head. Buy them here.

This leather arm chair is so insanely gorgeous. Perfect for anyone, any room any house. Buy it here.

For The Easily Excited

For someone who is easily excited about life in general, they will be exploding with joy to receive a gift every few hours of the day. They’ll get excited every single time. Before you try it, realize this will be an exhausting day for you.

For The Cool Kids

Most cool people have a complicated Nikon or Canon camera. This hot cup is even a good gift for someone who is thinking of buying one of these cameras. Although someone satisfied with this hot cup over an actual Nikon camera isn’t cool anymore. Click here to buy one.

Love this brass pen or pencil holder. It will immediately chic up any office desk. Over here.

Is there anything cooler than a rose gold plated retro bike? Not really. Over here.

For The Nostalgic

These lined notebooks are a good way to keep the past alive. Purchase them here.

I would love this as a gift. I miss sitting down and talking on an actual phone and having an actual conversation. The truth is I never did that and I’m quite a fan of “don’t ruin this text marathon we’re doing right now by calling me.” Click here.

For The Person You Don’t Like

So this is a fox hat made of felt and comes with a stand. Ummm, I personally don’t know and have never met someone who likes to wear a felt fox hat or would they want to display such a purchase. Maybe I’m just hanging out with the wrong people. So if you don’t like someone but need to buy them something for the holiday season maybe this item, which purpose is still a mystery to me, is a good choice. Dare to buy it here.

Gift card to the dollar store. Make sure not to be around when they open this gift; it won’t be pretty.

I’m assuming you wouldn’t want the person you like to drink espresso out of these coffee pots. I guess it’s cute for someone who likes holding a tiny coffee pot attached to a branch first thing in the morning. If I was handed that to make my coffee, I would take it and use it to bang the person who handed it to me on the head. Find this gem here.

For The Husbands

This is a really practical gift for the husband. After this there won’t be any excuse for balls of shirts in the corner of the room. You can find it here.

This is perfect to give to any husband. It’s direct instructions for them to follow. I don’t think they know how to communicate any other way. They’re over here.

For The Moms

This is a perfect way for a mom to send her kids off to school in the morning. Perfect for the moms not so perfect for the kids. You can find them here.

“Overworked/ Underpaid” Every mother should drink out of this mug in the morning. Find it here.

I love this Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag. It’s large and roomy, but it’s cool enough to be used as a regular bag. It’s over here.

For The Kids

These are really cute for kids, they can draw or write away while you’re preparing supper. Even though the kids will probably be too busy calling your name ninety times to notice the place mat. Buy them here.

You wouldn’t be able to stay mad at your kid for long when they’re wearing this sweater….uhh, maybe that’s debatable. You can find it here at Zara.

For the Bohemians

 A gorgeous organic jewelry holder. I love this, find it here.

This clutch is perfect for a free spirited woman. The gems and colors with the fringe make it so pretty. Buy it over here.

I love this bangle, it’s such a statement. It’s also a good color combination, I think this is the bangle Cleopatra would of worn had she been around in the sixties. It’s over here.

I just want to personally apologize to all the boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives andparents out there. I just made a blog post dedicated to how and where the people in your life should spend money. Happy Holidays and good luck with that.

A Color Scheme From Disney

When designing a room the first thing to consider is the color scheme. The colors are the starting point of a room and help create the feeling and message of a space. Limit your color choices to 8,  otherwise it wont really be a color scheme, just a bunch of different colors. Start off by choosing the neutrals and work your way into color. When I look for inspiration I turn to the past. I look for new ways to interpret what has inspired me. In this case, I’m turning way back to Disney classics like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Tarzan. FYI I think Rosie O’donells best role was playing thebaby gorilla in Tarzan. So for those of you who feel uninspired, let’s start with my all time favorite:

The Little Mermaid

At first glance this is Ariel talking about how she’s falling in love with a man she saw through a hole in a boat, a true depiction of reality. But at a closer look, this is a really soft& feminine color palette. You start with the blues and lilacs which are soft cool tones and add the warmer textures. This is how I would translate the picture above into a color palette:


So I’ve used five colors, the lilac pink, maroon red, lavender blue, a baby blue and aqua green. These colors set the tone for this soft, feminine and sophisticated palette. The chandelier, the plant, the paintings incorporate the colors and bring them together. It feels organic and delicate, and I like how the red and green feel against the soft cool colors. Thiswould be really pretty for a dinette in a kitchen with natural light. So if anyone ever comes over to you and asks for a color palette inspired by the little mermaid, have confidence in knowing you can make it happen 🙂

Looking back Ursula got a lot of slack because she was the “sea witch” and wanted to trick Ariel into being her slave for life, yadda yadda yadda… From her perspective Ariel was a 16 year old princess who  spent her time talking to a Jamaican crab and combing her hair with a fork. Doesn’t sound like someone I would spend my time with.
Ursula had her own den, she had powers and she was rocking the flipped mohawk way before Pink or Miley Cyrus.

This color palette is dark, deep and sensual. Here’s my interpretation:

I chose purples and black with some grey. This is mysterious and dark like Ursula.The plants remind me of Ursula’s eel side kicks so I added them, they also look really good. This color palette would be suited well for a dining room where there’s intimate dinners and some drinking. It would also be a good match for a master bedroom.


Jasmine with her pet tiger Raja and her father, the sultan; such a cute little man. Butultimately jasmine wanted a man unlike her father- homeless barely dressed and best friends with a monkey.

This would be a place for the modern day jasmine. The palette has a lot of blues with white and gold. This feels elegant and young. Instead of going all out with the expected, I used some restraint. I like the softness from the colors and textures mixed with the toughness of the gold and tiger. (I couldn’t leave the tiger out.) This palette would be good for a home office or a teenager’s bedroom because it would transition well into adult hood.

Beauty and the Beast

So I’m sure this has happened to many of us. We go on a horse ride, end up trapped in a castle with a beast and fall in love with him over a snow fight. I can’t tell you how many people I know with stories like that. The thing to do after falling in love is attend a ball in acastle and invite no one else- obviously.

Beauty and the beast is romantic, dark and traditional.

This feels regal and rich, by adding the Rothko there’s a darkness that reminds me of the castle. The colors are blue, deep red and gold. I love the mix of pieces, the chairs are very ornate and detailed while the Saarinen table is pure and simple. The candlesticks give a nod to the past and the chandelier is more present. This is a good palette for a more grand dining area, one that’s used once a year for Thanksgiving.

The Lion King

How good was this movie? It was so touching and funny and entertaining, I fell in love withSimba. I don’t know how that would work but I did have a crush on a cartoon lion cub for a while.

I used a soft natural color palette. This feels tribal and earthy but it’s not in your face, it’smore of a feeling. The peacock mirror is glamorous and still feels undone because of the mat finish. I love this palette because it’s so versatile. You can use this in a nursery or a den;it would work perfectly in both.


Ah yes, the swinging, undressed man. This palette is light and natural. It feels exotic and exciting. There’s a man getting around using a rope miles high in the air, of course it feels exciting.

This palette uses mostly natural colors, the tan leather chair, banana leaf wallpaper, wood side table. This would be so cool for a library. Do people still have libraries? So if you don’t have a library (I don’t even have a shelf dedicated to books) you can use this palette in a living room. It would definitely work well.

If you weren’t inspired when you started reading the post, I hope you’re inspired now. Good weekend to all.

The Mini LIfe

It’s really important for a child to have their own space where they feel comfortable to spend their time. I’m starting to design my baby’s room (she’s just 10 months now but it’s never too early) and the process got me thinking about childrens’ rooms in general. You want to give them a space to imagine, read, play and relax. If we make them feel like they have their own space maybe they’ll spend less time in our space….. there’s always dreaming 🙂
So here are some tips to create a fun and functional room for the little ones:

TIP 1: Find Fun Ways to Display Their Art

This display looks clean, simple and sophisticated so it doesn’t need to be limited to the “kid zone.” It also allows for an easy way to add or take away pictures/art for a quick change up. This is definitely a better alternative to putting the art work on your fridge until it’s socially acceptable to slip it in the garbage.

A gallery wall of your kids art is also a perfect show case for their talents. It makes them feel special to know that their work is framed and hung up for all of “mommy and daddys” friends to see. It can motivate them to try harder the next time the teacher says “lets get out our paint brushes.”

This is really cute because it also incorporates the chalk board wall. I know it’s being done everywhere, but when something’s good it’s good.

This is a good option if you don’t want to commit to an entire wall of finger painting.Choose one or two pieces that you like and incorporate it with other things.

TIP 2: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Light

This is so cute and whimsical. It’s perfect for a kids room and they’re a good option if your child is afraid of the dark. You can find the lights at this uniquely funky website- fancy.

So these sweet lights are from Ikea. This is a really cute idea for a girls room or nursery. The wall mural of the tall grass adds a lot to the lights but they’re cute even without it.

So not only is this light cute, functional and completely adorable; it can also be used to keep your child company when you need some “mommy time.” It’s a win-win. Another treasure I found at fancy.

Awwww, how cute is this lamp? It’s by Jonathon Adler and you can find it over here. Every time I look at this lamp I tilt my head and say ‘aw.’ I really need to stop looking at this lamp because my neck is starting to hurt.

TIP 3: Make a Reading Nook

So this is probably in the ‘theatrical’ reading nook category so don’t be so quick to raise your expectations of reading nooks. This is a gorgeous little spot though for you and your children. I love those palm leaves, so cute.

This is more of a reading room. I love how it feels like a shabby chic library for little kids. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time reading in here? (Or playing interactive games onan ipad)

This is really cozy and really attainable for most rooms. Find a little corner or any floorspace, put some pillows down with a stack of books and tell your kids “it’s a reading nook. Just sit on the pillows and start reading….. open up the book and turn the pages. No it’s not an ipad, you’re going to need to use both your index finger and your thumb. I saw it on pinterest, please let this happen for me.”

TIP 4: Surround Them With Good Thoughts and Education

I love this idea. These are good words to live by for an adult and it’s perfect for a child to read that every day. Kids are so sensitive to their surroundings and what they’re told. This is a really good message.

If your child hates geography class, you should try this. They can get to know the world in a casual setting plus it looks great.

Good use of color and words. This is a more mature color word poster. I didn’t know what color indigo was til last year.

This is another great way to mix educational and stylish.

TIP 5: Let Their Imaginations Run Wild

This has got to be the coolest kids space in the world. I think this passes for the coolest space for adults. I love the walls of chalk, the striped carpet, the orange lounge chairs. This is a perfect space for the kids to be themselves and keep busy for hours (or minutes if we’re being realistic.)

So this is pretty awesome. This is something you can do with your daughter that you would both enjoy. Each cube is a different room… really fun.

This room is so vibrant. All the toys, the big scale pictures, bean bags. Children or babieswould have a really good time in this room.

This is really fun. You also don’t need a room for this just a doorway and who doesn’t love a good puppet show? (Don’t answer that question, not the point of the picture.)

So those are my tips, hope you enjoyed them. I would like to thank ‘you,’ whoever you are, for reading my blog. If you want maybe you can tell your friends about my blog or tweet it or pin it or like it. Totally up to you… your call, don’t want to make this awkward.

The Design Evaluation

Most people know what they like and definitely know what they don’t like but it’s hard for them to put it into words. A lot of the time when you ask someone to describe their style, they’ll say “Well.. I love the way blue looks with black but then I also really love how blue looks with white, it’s so calming. But I could totally see myself in a room full of pink. I don’t know, I like so many things….” You’re standing there asking yourself if you’re still having this conversation. Didn’t they know it was more of a rhetorical question, like when you ask someone how they’re doing or if they need help.
So I decided to put together a survey for you to answer that will help narrow down your style and make it a lot easier to stay clear of bad decisions while shopping for the perfect something for your home. Try to remember your answers so you know who you are at the end.

Your dream destination vacation would be:
a. anywhere with a gorgeous beach
b. penthouse in the big city
c. museum-filled trip to paris
d. boutique hotel in the mountains
e. motorcycling in london

Your favorite color palette is:
a. all neutrals with hints of color
b. black, white and patterns
c. burgundy, plum and navy
d. white, beige and a lot of wood
e. blue, green and gray

Your favorite home accessories are:
a. pillows, lots of pillows
b. art/fashion books and mirrors
c. one of a kind finds from vintage stores or flea markets
d. souvenirs from travels and family pictures
e. less is more with accessories

You’re hosting a dinner party, it would be:
a. intimate with candles and wine
b. in a restaurant with close friends
c. a bbq on the beach with guitar playing
d. time to bring out the china
e. take out food with tequilla shots

If you could be friends with one celebrity it would be:
a. Jennifer Aniston
b. Blake Lively
c. Zooey Deschanel
d. Julia Roberts
e. Cameron Diaz

Your walls are covered with:
a. black and white photographs
b. large art works
c. nature prints in vintage frames
d. beveled mirrors and portraits
e. windows and sunlight

Flowers found in your vase:
a. tulips
b. hydrangeas
c. babys breath
d. white roses
e. orchids

If you could only wear one color what would it be:
a. white
b. black
c. yellow
d. blue
e. grey

Mostly A’s:



Your home

You’re effortless chic. You are laid back and unpretentious. Your home is warm, inviting and feels lived in. You like using mainly neutrals and adding interest with different textures. The less you try the better. Think of yourself as a toned down, sober, healthy version of Kate Moss.

Mostly B’s:

Your home

You’re Edgy Glam. Your home is more severe with less frills and flowers and more chrome finishes. You like things to be clean lined with high impact. You’re the person who should be wearing spikes. (If you fall in another category and are wearing spikes, slowly remove them.)

Mostly C’s:

Your home

You’re Vintage Feminine. You like things to be low maintenance and feel free spirited. Your home is a collection of unique finds and soft touches. Anything vintage or retro is a friend to you. You like the girlie side of vintage rather than the quirky side.

Mostly D’s:

Your home

You’re Simple Elegance. Your home is full of souvenirs from around the world and memories of all your experiences. Your style is timeless and has a global feel. If you have a fear of new things, move along. You are not in this category.

 Mostly E’s:

Your home

You’re Sporty Minimal. Your home is light, spacious and uncluttered. You like the furniture to shine rather than the accessories. You’re adventurous, spontaneous and your home tells that story.

I hope you can all use this new knowledge wisely.
Let me know ‘who you are.’