The 90’s

Being 25 years old, the 90s is a decade I relate to a lot and I’m feeling nostalgic so I’m going to share that with you. The style back then resonated a lot with me. I liked the simplicity of it all. A lot of denim and black, a lot of menswear for the ladies and a lot of emphasis on comfort.
My mother was a big part of shaping what i call my style today. This is how I remember my mother when I was growing up:

She always wore round sunglasses and for a while wore a beret like the one above. She wore a lot of black jackets paired with floral maxi skirts. I remember watching her walk around hoping one day I would be as beautiful and popular as her.
My mother was and still is a beautiful stylish amazing woman. ( i love you ma.)

Another thing i was exposed to growing up was beautiful ladies:

Who didn’t know these gorgeous ladies. They ruled the fashion magazines. Nothing was cooler than ripped jeans and a plain white tee.

Except for cut off jeans and a black undershirt.

I was completely enamored by these two girls, I spent my childhood, adolescent and some of my adult life collecting pictures books movies and clothing of these billionaires. After I saw this movie I only wore my baseball cap backwards.

This is where I would go most weekends. Now if I want to watch a movie all I need to do is lift my index finger and tap a button. Sometimes I barely manage that.

The Jetsons.. this cartoon was set in the future. It’s been 20 years and I’m still waiting for my bubble car and cool white hair-do.

So who remembers this sound:

That was internet before DSL.

Text messaging in the 90’s.

Interiors were kind of a mix of traditional and casual. The forms of furniture pieces were much more feminine.

A picture of the apartment from ‘Mad About You’.
Using wicker indoors was very trendy then, wicker usually being something you put outside. A lot of natural colors were also used, browns and beige.

For those of you who recognize this landing it’s from the movie ‘Home Alone’. I practically grew up on that movie. Most homes in the 90s looked something like this, a lot of strong ‘feature’ colors and all that wallpaper. Everyone had wallpaper, I do wish more people would use wallpaper now.

This armchair reminds me a lot of my childhood; skirted, cushioned couches were everywhere which added to the comfort and femininity of the style then. Our obsession with the modern form hadn’t developed so strongly yet. This is actually a shot from the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ I’m starting to get this strange feeling that I should stop writing this happy, nostalgic post about the 90’s and call a therapist because it turns out I watched way too many movies back then!

Why I needed to own a bunch of these trolls is beyond me.

I’m the only girl in my family with six brothers. There was definitely the good to that, I got whatever I wanted and never had to share. But there was also the bad. I had to spend my childhood taking  undeserved abuse. This is a picture from my baby album:


Yes, the 90’s were a special time. Good moments.

Interpreting Style

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress and that’s usually translated into their home. If you like to wear a lot of color and mix in some patterns, chances are you’re making more bold decisions in your home. If you’re more of a person who likes to wear matching sweater sets, spandex or a beret’ then you probably shouldn’t invite people back to your home.

Take this girl, for example, really simple and classic. A pin striped blouse is a staple and the tan belt is also a classic piece (feels very Banana Republic circa 1996). She makes this look modern with her white crochet shorts; her hair is ombre which says modern. She sticks to more neutral colors with a pop of neon pink on her wrist. This is probably how her home looks:

This room feels very laid back with the pillows and throw. The lounge chair and crochet pillows are more tailored. There’s pops of color around the room but it’s foundation is neutral. The coffee table and floor lamp are modern and chic. This room is open, casual and modern.
Now this girl wouldn’t be happy in this room:

No, she would need a room like this:

I didn’t choose this picture because the shape of the sofa is similar to the shape of her jacket, this room screams glamor. She likes simple, strong and shiny.

I wish it was acceptable for adults who are no longer in school to wear a uniform because this would be mine. I would be so happy to wear this every day. It’s so simple and bohemian and completely effortless. This beautiful woman belongs in a room like this:

This room is breathtaking. The windows everywhere are a huge plus, everything looks better with natural light. It has an easy and casual feel to it. All the fabrics bring in so much warmth and the colors come from nature. I’m crazy about this room.

Even though I cant see her face, I can still see what her style is. I’m probably better off not seeing her face because if it’s anything like her body I may as well kill myself right now. Moving on, the color palette of this outfit is really feminine and soft. You can see she likes a good mix; her long silk skirt is dressed down with a white casual knit. She’s wearing gold bracelets one of which is spikes, showing she has some edge.

This room is soft with some good fabrics going on. The wallpaper is beautiful it’s loud and quiet at the same time. The glass table hardens things up a little bit. The cowhide is a great way to bring in a wild feel to such a soft room.
I’m having a lot of fun with this, they should make this a game- ‘Return the owner to their home.’ Clearly I would be very good at this game.

Let’s guess who lives in this room…

No, not her. She lives here:


If you were thinking this woman lives there, wrong again. She’s currently living between these two places:


It’s a busy life….

And it’s not this woman either:

She lives here:

This is called the 80’s people. The woman above and this table setting both live there happily.

The answer is this woman..

This blonde bombshell lives in that adventurous space. You can see she loves to travel and take pictures of things that inspire her. She has this long hair that’s out and messy and her leather jacket shows a lot of edge.

Yes, they will be very happy together.

This post was inspired by one of my favorite designers Emily Henderson. Her show ‘Secrets from a Stylist’ which is based on taking someones style and incorporating it into their home.
Emily if you ever read this, thank you for inspiring me 🙂